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MiGO December Meet & Greet
MiGO(Japan) is hosting a December Meet & Greet on December 18th, 2010!

The event is taking place at the Shimoda Mall Food Court. To get there, head out the POL gate. Make a left at the Circle K. (HWY 8) Follow it down to 45 and make a left. You'll see the mall on your left hand side, before the Toll Road. There is plenty of parking and lots to do at the mall. Including True name is Aeon / JUSCO, some call it .......... which is a Geocache located at the mall! There will be TB trading and plenty opportunities to meet & socialize with local geocachers. Some with over 200 finds and some with just a few!

We hope to see you there!

... posted: 6-December-2010
MiGO Birthday Bash
MiGO(Japan) is hosting a July Birthday Bash this July 17th, 2010!

The event is taking place at "Swan park." To get there, head out the POL gate. Make a left at the Circle K. (HWY 8) Follow it down to 45 and make a left. Make the very next left after that. The parking lot will be on your left after the baseball field. There is decent parking and plenty of things for children and adults to do. There is some playground equipment and three caches located here. Flying with the Swans!, 4 birds, and Trev's "Silver Key" Cache. There will be TB trading and plenty opportunities to meet & socialize with local geocachers.

We hope to see you there!

... posted: 16-June-2010
World Wide Flash Mob VII
MiGO(Japan) is celebrating the seventh World Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) this May 15 with another geocaching event!

The event is taking place in a small park directly off base. It's within easy walking distance of the BX parking lot if you're coming from Misawa Air Base. After heading out the main gate, go through the first light (white pole road) and take the next right into what looks like an alleyway. The park will be on your left. There isn't a parking lot so you'll have to park on the street, but the event is only 15 MINUTES so we will be gone in a Flash! There will be TB trading and plenty opportunities to meet & socialize with local geocachers.

We invite you to bring an umbrella. We'll open all of our umbrellas when the event begins and close them at the end. We hope to see you there!

... posted: 25-May-2010
Ten Years of Geocaching
MiGO(Japan) is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Geocaching this May 1 with a Ten Years! Misawa, Japan event!

The event is taking place in Chuo Park, across from Misawa City Hall. There's plenty of public parking at the park, and it's also within easy walking distance of the BX parking lot if you're coming from Misawa Air Base. Activities include MiGO(Japan)'s first ever CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) event, GeoBingo, a new cache, plus the opportunity to meet & socialize with local geocachers.

The theme being Geocaching, we invite you to wear one of Geocaching.com's colors (blue, green, orange, or yellow) and come on over to the event. Come to the event page to RSVP, and make sure you keep an eye on the MiGO(Japan) Message Forums for updates!

... posted: 14-April-2010
09-09-09 Multi-Event is Tomorrow!
Mount Hashikami Multi-Event Multi-Cache We're putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's event, including a brand new multi-cache -- event participants will have the first chance to find this cache, a tour of the main hiking trail on beautiful Mount Hashikami. Each of the small stages contains a photo with the coordinates of the next stage, and when you reach the final stage, you'll be able to pick up a little folio, pictured in the lower left-hand corner of the photo the left, that has tabs to hold all of the photos you've collected plus a fourth, final stage photo.

Check out the First-to-Find Prize Package...is that a limited edition 09-09-09 Multi-Event coin peeking out? You'll have to find the cache to see!

... posted: 08-September-2009
09-09-09 Multi-Event
Misawa 9-9-9 Event CoinsAre we ever overdue for an update! My apologies, folks, as I've been very good at keeping the Forums updated but not this page.

On September 9th, 2009, the "09-09-09 Multi-Event" is due to be held. This is a series of world-wide events commemorating 09-09-09. MiGO (Japan) will be holding its 09-09-09 Multi-Event at Mount Hashikami, which is about an hour south of Misawa Air Base. Carpooling is available and encouraged, and we've retained some camping spots (for cars and tents) at the top of the mountain. Please come see the 09-09-09 thread in the Forums for more information.

An edition of 50 unique event geocoins has been minted for this event. Those who help in the organization or running of the event will receive a "staff coin" for free. Coins will be available at the event for $9 each. After the event, leftover coins will be made available to the general public at $9.99 each.

... posted: 01-September-2009
Event Update!
link to CompassCoins.Com
Native American Totem: Raven - by CompassCoins.ComWomen of Distinction: Amelia Earhart - by CompassCoins.Com
Mayan Astronaut?  By CompassCoins.Com
Thanks to the generosity of Compass Coins, who've agreed to sponsor prizes for this month's Meet & Greet, we have some extra goodies to give away to attendees. We've got discount coupons for the store, which specializes in geocoins, for those of you who like geocoins. Also -- if the Mail Fairies are kind to us -- we may even have some coins to raffle off! At right, take a gander at the Native American Indian Totem: Raven coin, which is the Limited Edition* coin with a gold finish. The coin to the right of it is from the "Women of Distinction" series and showcases Amelia Earhart. Finally, there's the "Mayan Astronaut?" geocoin, bearing an image of the sarcophagus lid of Pakal from the Pyramid of the Inscriptions in Palenquel; Erik von Daniken, author of his 1968 best-seller "Chariot of the Gods", claimed that many of the standard classical elements of Mayan funerary art were, in fact, components of a space craft and Pakal, himself, an astronaut. They are very striking unactivated and trackable geocoins and we certainly hope they arrive on time; if not, however, we'll hold drawings for them anyway and mail them to you (or give them to you at the next Meet & Greet).

Jackalgirl will be bringing pathtags to hand out and an Artist's Edition geocoin or two, depending on how many people sign up for the event. So make sure you go to the geocaching.com event page and sign up!

*"Limited Edition" refers to a particular plating and/or coloration of a minted geocoin that will not be minted again.

... posted: 08-June-2009
Announcing: MiGO First Ever Meet & Greet!
Come to MiGO's first ever Meet & Greet on Sunday, June 21st from 6-9pm at Global Kitchen in Misawa! You don't have to be a MiGO member, or be interested in becoming a MiGO member -- all you have to be is interested in geocaching and in meeting other geocachers. Visitors from anywhere are also welcome to come say hi!

Check out the following related links:

  • Event Page at geocaching.com - Post a note to this page to let us know you're coming. Please also let us know how many are in your party (number of adults, number of kids).
  • The Car Pool Thread - Parking is fairly limited at the Global Kitchen, so we're encouraging everyone to car pool. You can post in this thread to start making arrangements for providing or getting a ride (or, if you need a ride, you can also post in your Event Page note that you're looking for a ride. We'll help you out).
  • Meet & Greet Planning Thread - If you're a member of MiGO, stop by this thread if you have any planning suggestions or needs, or to find out how you can help out with running the event.
We look forward to meeting you!
... posted: 31-May-2009
Event Thoughts
We have a few thoughts about events; one is to do a Meet & Greet in June, and the other is to do a major event in September, on 09/09/09. Keep an eye on this page and the news page for more information as our thoughts gel into firm plans.
... posted: 28 May 2009

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